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Vendor ID allows users to download DRM-protected eBooks without having to use an Adobe ID, but by using user credentials you provide them instead.


An insight to Adobe Vendor ID

We receive a lot of questions about Adobe Vendor ID; what it does, is it a software or a product like Adobe Content Server, how it relates to Adobe’s eBook technologies, Adobe Reader mobile SDK (RMSDK) and Adobe Content Server.
Vendor ID is a separate standalone toolkit which can be used to streamline the content authorisation and device activation process for eBooks, improving the eReading experience for your users.
So, basically, the content authorisation process can be done with or without Adobe Vendor ID, then, what is the difference between purchasing it or not?

Let’s the how the process is in both cases:


Content authorisation process without Adobe Vendor ID 

1. The user opens an eBook on a device or APP.
2. The user is requested to introduce an Adobe ID (username/password) to have access to the content:
- If the user already has an Adobe ID just enter the logging details.
- If the user doesn’t have an Adobe ID he is directed to exit the APP, launch a browser and create an Adobe account at Then go back to the device/APP again and attempt to authorise the content again.
3. The user can now open the eBook.

To sum up, the reading experience is interrupted by the requirement to launch a browser and create an user account at (in case you don’t have already one).
Also, the user can see that the vendor is using Adobe Technology as it is not hidden from the user.


Content authorisation process with Adobe Vendor ID 

1. The user opens an eBook on a device or APP.
2. Content is automatically authorised by the vendor’s device/APP, using their Adobe Vendor ID and the user’s specific account information with that vendor.
3. The user can now open the eBook.

Then, Adobe Vendor ID allows vendors to streamline the content authorisation process by providing vendors with an unique ID which can be used to authorise content on behalf of its users.
Vendors gain more control over the authorisation process; and can effectively eliminate the dependency on Adobe ID for their users.

What are the advantages of implementing Vendor ID?

1. Streamline user experience: no interruptions for the reader when opening an eBook on a device/APP.
2. Remove dependency on Adobe ID: in order to not feel dependent on Adobe and confuse your users.
3. Language support: eliminating the Adobe ID creation step enables customers to keep users in their own language environment.
4. Tie the user to your eBookstore: as a means to further their users to their bookstore or brand.

What is the process of implementing VENDOR ID about?

It consists, basically, in two steps:

1. We will work Adobe to provision your Adobe Vendor ID.
2. You’ll need to update your content authorisation (activation) process with the new APIs to leverage your new Adobe Vendor ID capabilities.

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