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Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform for web meetings, eLearning, and webinars. PDI CONSULTORES is a strategic partner for the distribution and integration of Adobe Connect

"Use Adobe Connect to create information and general presentations, online training, web conferencing, learning modules, and user desktop sharing"



Pods are little functional windows that open up a world of virtual experience design possibilities. Just add, name, position, and size the Pods to create virtual storyboards called layouts. Extend the horizon of possibilities with these Pods inside your rooms..


Create storyboards to guide your participants' visual attention to where you want on your stage. Once the perfect virtual stage is ready, light it up with - images, multi-media, interactive courses, polls, quizzes, chats, or notes.

Brand customizations

Customize the visual aesthetics of your room with images, logos, and colors to suit your enterprise branding or the mood or theme of your story.


Convert your perfect stage to shared templates accessible to the team. Templates make it fast and easy, set up new rooms and ensure consistent experiences. Create an unlimited number of persistent rooms per licensed user


Hosts, presenters & participants can just 'walk-in' to persistent reusable rooms, set up ahead of time. You can create and then reuse polls, quizzes, and content for a different audience or at a different time.

Drawing & annotations

Start with a blank whiteboard or overlay color, text, shapes & annotations to bring participant' attention to where you'd like. Let your participants do the same & jam together on this virtual flipchart.


Enables the most effective presenter capabilities inside Share Pod – searchable outline and presenter notes for nonlinear navigation and speaker notes, right beside the PowerPoint without needing a second monitor


Split your primary classroom into multiple smaller rooms. Assign participants or use automatic even split. Bring the breakout content back to the main room to discuss & learn with the larger group.

Browse to

Use Web Links Pod to push a URL open into all participant browsers. It may be to launch a survey at the end of a session or send learners to an assessment or recording.

Multi-dimensional polls

Run a poll to know what percentage of your class prefers a or b or c. However, there isn't always just one correct answer. We allow hosts the flexibility to ask questions and seek responses as multi-choice, multi-answer, or open-ended short answers. You can even view Sally's vote right inside the live meeting and connect with her.

Moderated chat

Use a Q & A pod to have complete control over the visibility of questions, answers, and participant identities. Manage hundreds of questions in large webinars efficiently by assigning it to the right expert in the room.

Webcam 'pause’ 

Videos are indispensable for engaging interactions. However, video fatigue is real. We offer a middle path with the ability to use a freeze-frame when not actively interacting in group interactions.

Asynchronous browse

Allow participants to browse content at their pace, while instructors can keep the class moving forward.

Host & presenter area

Virtual backstage for multiple hosts, presenters, and to collaborate discreetly & effectively, as well as add/edit the onstage experience on the fly. Have the attendee list, agenda, notes, presenter's chat, engagement dashboard, and presenter view of the moderated chat (Q&A pod) available in this backstage area.

Prepare mode

Enables producers to continue stage setting during live delivery but in stealth mode, without impacting the ongoing presentation for presenters or participants.

Engagement dashboard

Read your audience just like you would from a real stage. Use it as a cue to adjust your pace or delivery formats and bring them back. This score aggregates the digital body language based on various interactive participation parameters, not just attention tracking.

Accessible videos

Support for embedded MP4 subtitles, descriptive audio for hearing impaired & second language audio tracks, to drive better participant engagement, comprehension & retention.

Accessible documents

PDFs shared natively can now be made available to screen readers, enabling sight-impaired participants to hear the text.

Accessible chats

Choose the color and size settings of text in Chat Pods to suit your need or preference.

Content library

Your central content repository in the cloud, allowing you to share content natively from any device. Native sharing ,as an alternative to screen sharing, needs a fraction of bandwidth, allowing participants to join even with low connectivity or low-performance devices.

Event catalogue & microsites

Leverage the embedded power of
Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to setup & promote webinars and virtual events with completely brandable, customizable landing pages and registration forms. Build long term association with your prospects through the funnel with user accounts, easily enabled with custom or social logins. 

Interactive recordings

Adobe Connect preserves the interactive design of your live meetings into recordings. It allows viewers to access web links, download files, and participate in polls, quizzes, and simulations, just like in a live session. Layouts automatically index the recordings for easy navigation.

Email promotion, confirmations & reminders

Automated custom branded HTML mailers with embedded calendar events to invite, confirm, or remind your target audience, from the pre-set enterprise user groups or your .csv uploads. Choose from existing templates or create your own to get going in just a few clicks.

Campaign & lead source tracking

Measure & report conversion for each promotional channel with trackable URLs. The trackability isn't lost at the registration page but sustains into the CRM so you can trace and route leads back to promotional partners.

Custom exports

Create your export formats with custom fields as required by your CRM or backend. We enable you with the flexibility to fit Adobe Connect right into your ecosystem.

Event analytics 

Event reports, powered by Adobe Analytics, can showcase lead conversion funnels by event or by the campaign. Use the attendance & engagement report for chat, Q&A, file downloads, polls & status usage as your lead qualification criterion.

Least privilege principle

Our UI & configuration settings allow a host to have the highest control, while others join with the least privilege. Meeting hosts can control who enters a meeting and assign role-based rights to co-presenters and participants.

Interactive content 

Rapidly create and deploy content using authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter. Add quizzes, interactions, and simulations to your virtual classrooms.

Custom apps

The ways you can use an Adobe Connect classroom is limited by nothing but your imagination. Use one of our custom apps or create your own with our new HTML SDK to add fun games, random participant selector, timers, clocks, surveys and much more to your classrooms.

LMS integrations

Manage and track learning curriculum and learner enrollment by integrating with Adobe Captivate Prime LMS or with any existing Learning Management System.

Ease of access – browsers, mobile

No app or add-ins to download. With new HTML browser clients, leverage almost* all capabilities with a single click, right from the browser. Never miss the audience whose IT policy may prohibit web downloads. Host, share, collaborate, and train anywhere, anytime, with the Adobe Connect mobile app for Android and iOS

Accessibility features

Leverage the accessible design provided by Adobe Connect design to reach millions of individuals with visual, auditory, or mobility impairments. Make use of our newest features such as support for embedded MP4 subtitles and multiple audio tracks, including foreign language and descriptive audio, for participants with a hearing impairment.

Remote desktop access

Hosts can access participant endpoints with their permission. Opens several powerful propositions for interactive product demos or customer support scenarios.

Secure access

From application security to network security to cloud infrastructure security, our engineering design ensures complete protection for hosts, participants and sensitive content shared in Adobe Connect's persistent rooms.

Meeting analytics & system usage

Attendance reports by attendees, session, or meeting room are aggregated for all sessions over a period. Poll and quiz reports are aggregated by session. Administrators empowered to set up their reports as granular or high level as required. Know system usage by individual, group, cost center, peak users & mobile users.

Adobe Connect Meetings. Discover the true power of online meetings
● Access across devices
● Personal digital office
● Rich recording and editing tools
● Highly secure communication and compliance

Adobe Connect Webinars. The all-in-one webinar solution for marketers
● Immersive experiences
● Robust registration
● Fully customizable events
● Built-in analytics

Adobe Connect Learning. The complete digital learning solution for trainers
● Engaging content delivery
● Mobile learning across devices
● Immersive classes live and on-demand
● Efficient training management and tracking

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