Adobe InDesign Server

Document automation

Adobe InDesign Server is a software product that allows users to automate the creation of complex documents, such as catalogs, brochures, and financial reports, using Adobe InDesign. Here are some key points about how it works and its main applications
Adobe InDesign Server software delivers a robust and scalable engine that leverages the design, layout, and typographical capabilities of InDesign to let you programmatically create engaging automated documents.
Moreover, our consultants’ knowledge might optimize the benefits of the solution within your business.

"Adobe InDesign Server software delivers a robust and scalable engine that leverages the design, layout, and typographical capabilities of InDesign to let you programmatically create engaging automated documents"


Job queuing and load balancing

Reduce downtime and improve responsiveness. Use job queues to prioritize tasks, and use load balancing to distribute tasks efficiently to multiple servers.

Support for many languages

Publish documents for use worldwide with support for 24 languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, and Japanese. InDesign Server also supports Chinese indexing and Roman line breaks for Japanese hyphenation.

Liquid layout

Efficiently adapt content for different page sizes or orientations. Apply liquid page rules to automatically adjust text and images when you create a layout with different dimensions. The rules you set specify how objects relate to each other and the page.

Linked content

Link content within or across InDesign documents. Changes (including interactivity) made to the parent text or object are applied to all linked child objects.

PDF form authoring

Design a form with all the stylistic freedom InDesign offers. You can add interactive form fields within InDesign before you export your document to PDF, and even assign the tab order using the Articles panel.

Persistent text-frame fitting

Set frames to automatically resize to fit the text, based on simple parameters. You can set frames to expand and shrink dynamically as you edit headlines, callouts, or other variable content.

Liquid layout rules

Apply liquid page rules to automatically adapt content for print and devices.

Alternate layout

Efficiently create multiple versions of a layout for print and devices in a single InDesign file.

Flexible development environment

Develop your solution in a familiar environment thanks to support for Mac and Windows® platforms. InDesign Server supports a wide variety of programming languages, including C++, C#, AppleScript, VBScript, JavaScript, SOAP, and .NET

Multiple page sizes in a single file

Your documents aren’t limited to a single page size. You can streamline file management and shorten production cycles by constructing documents with different page sizes in a single file.

Adobe InDesign Server

How it works

  • InDesign Server is a headless version of Adobe InDesign, which means it doesn't have a user interface. Instead, it is designed to be controlled programmatically using scripts or other software tools.

  • InDesign Server can be installed on a server and accessed remotely by other software applications, such as web-to-print systems, content management systems, or database publishing systems.

  • InDesign Server can automate many tasks that would be time-consuming or error-prone if done manually, such as generating tables of contents, indexes, or cross-references, applying consistent formatting to large amounts of text, or creating personalized documents based on user data.

Adobe InDesign Server

Main applications

  • Database publishing: InDesign Server can be used to automate the creation of catalogs, directories, or other publications that require data to be merged with design templates. For example, a company could use InDesign Server to generate a product catalog based on a database of product information.

  • Web-to-print: InDesign Server can be integrated with web-based applications that allow users to customize and order printed materials, such as business cards, flyers, or brochures. InDesign Server can generate print-ready files based on user input and send them to a printing service or a digital press.

  • Financial publishing: InDesign Server can be used to automate the creation of financial reports, such as annual reports, prospectuses, or fund fact sheets. InDesign Server can import data from financial databases or spreadsheets and generate formatted documents that comply with regulatory requirements.

Adobe InDesign Server


  • A publishing company uses InDesign Server to automate the creation of a weekly magazine. The magazine's content is stored in a database, and InDesign Server generates the layout and formatting for each article based on predefined templates. The resulting PDF files are sent to a printing service for distribution.

  • A marketing agency uses InDesign Server to create personalized brochures for its clients. The agency's website allows clients to enter their contact information and select the services they are interested in. InDesign Server generates a customized brochure for each client, using their data to populate the text and images.

  • A financial institution uses InDesign Server to produce its annual report. The report's data is stored in a spreadsheet, and InDesign Server imports the data and generates the layout and formatting for each section. The resulting PDF file is sent to the printer and also published on the institution's website.

Technical and consultancy services

PDI Consultores offers your company a wide range of services related to InDesign Server:
● Installation's consultancy
● Workflows’ optimization
● Integration services
● Continuous support.


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